The new Graf von Faber-Castell "Classic Anello Gold"

The new "Classic Anello Gold" writing implements captivate by a fascinating contrast and precious materials. Fountain pens, roller-ball pens, propelling ballpoint pens and propelling pencils have a barrel made of matt, gold-plated segments, separated by delicate, gold-plated metal rings resulting in a gleaming contrast. They create a pure appearance and lend their name to this series: "Anello" is Italian for "ring".

On picking up one of these pens, you immediately sense its perfection. The contrast between the brushed and shiny gold-plated surfaces is captivating. In an elaborate work process the writing implements are crafted using the highest possible grade of gold-plating.

The fountain pen is equipped with a practical cartridge/converter system and a bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip.

14 56 00 Classic Anello Gold Fountain Pen (Medium Nib)
14 56 01 Classic Anello Gold Fountain Pen (Fine Nib)
14 56 03 Classic Anello Gold Fountain Pen (Broad Nib)

The propelling pencil uses break-resistant 0.7 mm leads of hardness B with a reservoir for spare leads,
and under the removable cap is a replaceable white eraser.

13 56 30 Classic Anello Gold Mechanical Pencil

The ballpoint pen is equipped with a large-capacity refill in standard size.

14 56 30 Classic Anello Gold Ballpoint Pen

The rollerball pen has a precision point which glides smoothly over the paper.

14 56 10 Classic Anello Gold Rollerball

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