A pen with an original design, which eternal balance of lines and volumes promises great visual and tactile pleasure while the innovative technical solutions ensure exceptional reliability and fluidity of writing. Miya is fashioned in precious celluloid with finishing parts in sterling silver: the characteristic rotating sphere, the new Greek key pattern fret-worked on the cap band and the convex disc on the end of the barrel are the decorative elements which emphasize the bold modernity of the pen's rounded lines. Miya is available as fountain pen, with ebonite feeder and 18K gold nib, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil with rotation system.

Fountain Pen

Midnight Blue Celluloid Fountain Pen - Model: ISMYT3CD

Red Celluloid Fountain Pen - Model: ISMYT3CR

Turquoise Blue Celluloid Fountain Pen - Model: ISMYT3CB

Yellow Celluloid Fountain Pen - Model: ISMYT3CY


Midnight Blue Celluloid Rollerball - Model: ISMYTRCD

Red Celluloid Rollerball - Model: ISMYTRCR

Turquoise Blue Celluloid Rollerball - Model: ISMYTRCB

Yellow Celluloid Rollerball - Model: ISMYTRCY


Midnight Blue Celluloid Ballpoint - Model: ISMYTBCD

Red Celluloid Ballpoint - Model: ISMYTBCR

Turquoise Blue Celluloid Ballpoint - Model: ISMYTBCB

Yellow Celluloid Ballpoint - Model: ISMYTBCY

Mechanical Pencil

Midnight Blue Celluloid Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISMYTZCD

Red Celluloid Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISMYTZCR

Yellow Celluloid Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISMYTZCY

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