"Parola" is Italian for "word" – as appropriate a name for the NeroUno "entry level" pen as Montegrappa could devise. Parola pays homage to the importance of the word. The Beatles sang, "Spread the word, and you'll be free". And thanks to both the spoken and the written word, mankind has evolved, progressing into a more refined and educated society. The word is to communication what air is to life: the core element. And NeroUno celebrates life.

Fountain Pen

White Fountain Pen - Model: ISWOT(1-3, 5)AW

Black Fountain Pen - Model: ISWOT(1-3, 5)AB

Yellow Fountain Pen - Model: ISWOT(1-3, 5)AY

Red Fountain Pen - Model: ISWOT(1-3, 5)AR


White Rollerball - Model: ISWOTRAW

Black Rollerball - Model: ISWOTRAB

Yellow Rollerball - Model: ISWOTRAY

Red Rollerball - Model: ISWOTRAR


White Ballpoint - Model: ISWOTBAW

Black Ballpoint - Model: ISWOTBAB

Yellow Ballpoint - Model: ISWOTBAY

Red Ballpoint - Model: ISWOTBAR

Mechanical Pencil

White Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISWOTQAW

Black Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISWOTQAB

Yellow Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISWOTQAY

Red Mechanical Pencil - Model: ISWOTQAR

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